Description of Logo

The different colours represent the different stages of farming. It starts with yellow and ends with yellow, symbolising the cycle of farming from sowing to watering to harvesting and then all over again.

Our farm land is drawn in the shape of an animal's horn, a shofar that declares that the Almighty God is Lord over the land. His long and loving arms stretch over our farmers, livestock and crops, covering all with His protection from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same.

Towdah Farm was launched in January 2017 to provide livelihood opportunities for those in need and to generate income for the orphanages.

As the farm is still in its early stage, we hope that it can be expanded in due course to attract tourists from the Bintan resorts to experience farming for a day.

A goat shed was built to house our first batch of four goats. From six goats we now have 20 goats. We have built a second shed and will soon purchase more goats to expand the farm.

More than 100 fruit trees have also been planted. And our farmers continue to grow corn, sweet potatoes and long beans for consumption and sale.